Monday, September 19, 2011

Solution to Toys Under the Couch

Little Big Stuff has an amazing ability to make 8 Avent Soothie pacifiers magically disappear in a matter of two days time. Her favorite hiding spot? Under our couches in the living room where they then get a lovely coating of dust, dirt, and pet hair. Yes, I am guilty of not cleaning under my couches regularly, LOL.

Our solution? Pool noodles. Yes, that's right. Pool noodles.

 Stuffed expertly under the ends of my couches, they prevent the toys, pacifiers, stray socks, dirt, dust, and pet hair from ending up under there. And whats nice is that they can be found at the dollar store and grocery store! We purchased four red ones at our local Publix for $1.99 each. Now I am sure you could probably color them somehow- paint or something, maybe even cover them in coordinating fabrics, but I left mine as is. I don't mind the colors so much- or I am just too lazy to worry about them blending in I guess. But here is a solution all you momma's can grab.

Moms- what was the weirdest thing you found hiding under your couches?


  1. That is a great idea! No more lost stuff!


  2. I was literally just asking my husband the other day if there was a way to block the toys from going under...this is brilliant!!!

  3. Are you worried about getting mold under your couch if you don't have air flow?

  4. You could also use the black pipe insulation found at lowes and home depot. It's right around that price if not cheaper and blends in well with any couch