Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recycling Crystal Light Containers

My youngest daughter, Little Big Stuff, loves these rice rusk baby treats called Mum-Mums. I love them because they are made especially for teething babies and dissolve easily in their mouth, with no mess. I like that I can give them to her with little fear of her choking on them. Anyhow, since they are so awesome, I find myself always reaching for them to put in her diaper bag.

However, by snack time, when I go to open them, its all broken small pieces and crumbs. SO ANNOYING!

The Crystal Light container holds 3 packs of Mum-Mums, with each pack
containing two rice rusk treats.
That's when I got the idea to use the Crystal Light container I had been saving (I was intending it to be an eyeglass/sunglass case, but I can always make one of those later-another blog post, I am sure!). It was the perfect size! And since the container is hard plastic, it protects the Mum-Mums (and other similar sized snacks, such as granola bars) from being crushed under toys, wipe containers, bottles, and the other necessities I tote around in my diaper bag. How neat is that?! I might get around to decorating it all cutesy, but until then, I know my daughter's favorite snack will continue to be readily available during all of our outings.

Oh and here is a little video review I made of Baby Mum-Mums (pardon the no makeup, un-did hair, LOL):

Moms- what other uses have you found for Crystal Light containers?

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  1. That is a great idea for the crystal light containers. Probably a lot of other good uses too. The advantage of recycling can be really cool sometimes.