Friday, September 9, 2011

Perpetual Learning Workbooks

Annoyed with the cost of learning workbooks for children, I decided to turn Sassy Britches' Kindergarten workbook into a perpetual learning workbook- one that she could practice the subject objectives repetitively
and still have it available to pass on to Little Big Stuff (even though we have years to go!).

 This idea would be perfect for moms who have children with less of an age difference for sure!

To do this I tore all the pages out along the perforations then carefully slid each page into one of those plastic page protectors (get the smooth surface ones!) which I bought conveniently during the back to school sales. Then just put all the pages in a large  three ring binder. You'll want to buy a 3 inch width binder or greater.

To use the perpetual learning workbook, provide your children with dry eraser markers. Purchase a variety of colors as many of the activities in these types of workbooks require the kids to color various parts. Staples had a pretty good selection of these Quartet Enduraglide dry erase markers that you can purchase individually (so you only have to purchase the ones you actually need). Office Max has a pretty good deal on a pack of 16 different color Expo brand markers that I am thinking of getting soon, for even more variety. Keep all the markers in one of those three ring binder pencil pouches in the front of your perpetual learning workbook. For an eraser, just purchase a sheet of felt from your local craft store (these are usually under $1 per sheet). It too can be folded and stored in the pencil pouch.

Now your kids can get definitely your monies worth out of their learning workbooks, using them over and over!

Moms- do you use learning workbooks for your kids?


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