Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Bags

With an upcoming trip to California in November, I am actively hunting out busy bag ideas to keep the girls entertained on the flight and during quiet evenings in our time share. I need ideas!!!

Example of the Pre K swap contents from unsolicited Advice's site
Busy bags are basically little plastic baggies (although some people use those zippered pencil cases) with self-guided activities in them that the kids can work on themselves or with very little help. They help with skills, learning or may just be for fun. Activities include such things such as lacing cards, matching games, drawing and coloring, paper dolls, etc.

 So while Googling "Busy Bags for Kids" I found this wonderful momma blogger who is giving away a box of 10 toddler busy bags! How cool is that?! To enter into this giveaway you must become a follower of her blog, check out her buddy's blog, share this giveaway on your own blog or social networking site, then leave a comment on her post with a little info. Easy smeezy!
A few of the busy bag activities include Brown, Bear, Brown Bear activities,
a button snake, pompom stuff &  MANY more!

The giveaway ends September 23rd at 6 am so hurry and enter! I know I am!

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  1. That would be so cool for you to win something! Great idea to keep the girls busy while traveling.