Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Daychart Android App

So not too long ago my precious Droid X took a tumble resulting in areas of the touch screen that did not work (i.e the "r" and "4" on my keyboard, and the "0" and "9" on the dialer) so I had to have my phone carrier send me a replacement. This also meant having to reload all the apps I had put on my previous phone (thank goodness they were all free, and nothing happened to my photos or contact!). While hunting down the apps I could actually remember, I came across Baby Daychart.

Just a sneak peek into Little Big Stuff's
morning after adding this app to my phone.
Baby Daychart is an app that can help parents log baby's activities and analyze to simple and clear charts. You can view and know at a glance the time of your child's last meal or diaper change, which breast you last nursed off, and more. With this info, you can better predict what your baby's needs are and when as many babies had very distinctive daily patterns. It also is a place you can record medical or health information such as vaccines, medicines, appointments, height, weight, and head circumference. You can also track your baby's mood (who wouldn't love to know baby's crankiest time of day and just avoid EVERYTHING during that time, LOL!) But the main reason I just had to have this app was to track Little Big Stuff's sleep patterns. This app is perfect for that...and is super duper cute to boot! With Baby Daychart you can share with friends on Facebook (or other social networks) and post pics. You can also sync data between multiple devices via Dropbox's free web storage service.

"If you're a new parent, this is a must-have app. It's a great way to not only record everything in one place, but give you a way to track it and see how it all effects each other, meaning you're more likely to have a happy and healthy baby (and well-rested parents!"-

I am so excited to start using this app, even if I use it for nothing more than recording Little Big Stuff's sleeping schedule, I can see it is going to be very useful! I recommend it!

Moms- do you use any phone apps to help track your baby's activities? Which ones would you recommend?

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  1. It still amazes me all the things that are available now that were not available when my kids were growing up. So many changes already!